Our story began in a humble little village called Manchar in the Pune district of Maharashtra, a village of farmers engaged in agriculture and husbandry. After the onset of Operation Flood in 1970, the farmers earned their livelihood for decades by supplying milk to the co-operatives, until their fortunes took a turn for the worse.

One day, these co-operatives decided to have “milk holidays” every week to counter the imbalance between demand and supply. On these days, the farmers had no option but to throw away the milk due to the lack of storage facilities, thus causing them huge losses.

This was the beginning of Parag Milk Foods Ltd. An initiative to bring milk back home. To use all the skills at our doorstep. To breathe new life into our village.

At Parag Milk Foods, we collect cow's milk and all our products are made of cow’s milk. In the early days, we started with manufacturing traditional dairy products like Ghee, Dahi, Pouch Milk, Paneer etc. marketed under the brand name “Gowardhan”. With the quality and taste we brought to the consumer’s plate, Gowardhan soon became synonymous with products made of pure cow’s milk. Today, Gowardhan enjoys strong brand equity.
Yet, moving with the times, we decided that it was time to change. To adapt and evolve with the changing consumer preferences, changing taste buds and the changing economic scenario. In 2009, we started manufacturing a new range of dairy products which included Cheese, UHT Milk and yoghurt.
Thus began a new chapter in our story - "Go"
"Go" is derived from Gowardhan, it also embodies an energetic spirit with the act of going. The brand name, therefore, synergises well with the attitude and beliefs of the young generation of today!
Go Cheese India Logo
Making cheese is our passion and so Go Cheese is the largest product portfolio under the brand name Go. Our cheese plant at Manchar has the largest production capacity for raw cheese in India (Source: IMARC Report)with an installed capacity of 40MT per day, where every product is made under stringent quality norms. We can boast of having the largest international quality cheese range with the promise of great taste! Go is also the largest supplier of cheese to not only hotels, restaurants, pizza chains and so on, but street food stalls as well in India
At the heart of everything we do, is innovation - not only in terms of products but packaging and convenience for consumers. Go has received many national & international accolades for innovation and we look forward to many more achievements on our journey ahead.
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