Go Pizza Cheese Masala French Fries Pizza

How would you like to have two of your favourite things in one amazing dish?

Well, if you are a big fan of Masala French Fries and Pizza, we’ve got the best recipe for you.

Array ( [0] => a:14:{i:0;s:16:"Yellow Cappsicum";i:1;s:3:"Oil";i:2;s:14:"Green Capsicum";i:3;s:4:"Salt";i:4;s:16:"Red Chilli Sauce";i:5;s:15:"Go Pizza Cheese";i:6;s:12:"Basil Leaves";i:7;s:12:"chaat Masala";i:8;s:12:"Red Capsicum";i:9;s:12:"French Fries";i:10;s:19:"Black Pepper Masala";i:11;s:10:"Pizza Base";i:12;s:11:"Pizza Sauce";i:13;s:12:"Corn Kernels";} )